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A convenient community with top-notch schools, booming development, and great shopping options.

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Fairfax, Virginia
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Fairfax, Virginia

A Fairfax Overview

Fairfax encompasses a large central area of Fairfax County that includes the Historic City of Fairfax, an independent city which gets its name from Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, who had five million acres of land located in Northern Virginia. There is so much fascinating history in the City of Fairfax and the surrounding Fairfax area of the County that you can bet your family will enjoy a vacation here. Immerse your children in activities that stimulate their imagination while enjoying a favorite place to visit, shop, and dine. Old Town Fairfax's walkable downtown and proximity to George Mason University makes it easy to fully immerse yourself in the history of the city.

A Few Reasons to Love Fairfax, Virginia

"The school system in Fairfax is outstanding. Lots of pride in the value of education. The area is generally really safe, and lots of families can be found almost anywhere. However, this comes with a very high cost of living and horrible traffic. There are plenty of shops and restaurants, so the commute is not bad for those."

- Current Resident


"Fairfax one of the busiest Washington D.C. Metropolitan areas. From excellent public school systems to ravish residential areas with one of the most diverse neighborhoods, it's probably one of the best areas to raise a family. Given all the positives that Fairfax has to offer, it is a shame that we're still having commute and traffic problems in the area."

- Current Resident


"It's a peaceful, quiet small city just a few miles from the nation's capital. I lived in one of the most safe counties in America with one of the best public school systems. I met my closest friends there while living at home and it can be an enjoyable experience... Although nothing ever usually happens in Fairfax, it's relaxing and calms you just being there sometimes."

- Current Resident


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