Broadlands Real Estate Market Trends & Statistics


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Welcome to our “Broadlands” market Statistics page. We hope you find these graphs and charts informative as you look for pricing and marketing trends in Broadlands, Virginia. If you are comparing other neighborhoods or need additional/different information, please feel free to live chat with us or call us anytime.
Here are some of the charts you will find in this report :
- Type of Transactions and how many sold in 2017 - Example: how many Foreclosures, Short Sales, Regular Sales etc. 
- Monthly Market trends 
- Per Property Type Sales, Avg Actual Price, Days on the Market etc. 
- Per Neighborhood Statistics
- And ALL the details down to address level! 


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These are Actual Prices which is calculated by Closed Price - Seller Subsidy. If you would like to see details of this report or request another report, please let us know. This information is from MRIS and we are not responsible for incorrect data that may have been input but listing agents.

If you are a seller – this information will give you a starting point, just like real estate agents, appraisals, we all start with numbers of what has happened. Then we go into detail of each "Comparable" property and add & subtract key information such as upgrades, updates, additions, condition etc. We provided this information for you so you can have a starting point and if you would like additional information and you are not working with an agent, please let us know. We love helping our neighbors and clients. Remember that with any property, there are multiple factors that come into place when finalizing pricing as well as the "Sale-ability" of your home. 

If you are a buyer – these charts will provide you with good guideline on pricing trends. If you would like to compare different neighborhoods and you are not working with an agent– give us a call. We can provide you with detailed information on the market as well as the Ashburn area, what is scheduled to happen with all the new construction and more. Give us a call - We love helping new buyers. 

What is Selling in Broadlands

Sales Trends and What They Mean...

From this chart you can see how many transactions or sales happened per month

Average Sold Price – The average gross price for homes that closed during that period.


Pricing Trends - Avg Sold Price by Home Type

What is Average Sales Price?

The Average Sales Price is the sum of the total sales dollar volume divided by the total number of units sold.

If you would like to see the ACTUAL Avg Sales Prices - download our report to get a more accurate understanding 

Avg Price/Sqft by Home Type

What does Price/sqft mean?

Some people like to look at Avg Price/Sqft. This is not a very good statistic for Single Family Homes or Attached homes as various factors are not taken into consideration but is used for condos. 

When looking to buy a condo a lot of people will look at Average Price per square foot to get an idea of average price per sqft for a condo unit. Keep in mind that each condo may have different updates, upgrades finishes, or other benefits like extra garage spaces, storage unit, different layouts etc.

Keep in mind these are just numbers and they only show 1 side of the data! There is a lot more that goes into analysis than just numbers but it is a starting area!  

Avg SOLD price vs Original Listing Price Ratio

What does this Ratio Mean?

Original List Price - Original list price is the initial price the listing was put on the market at.  While a price can be reduced over the time a property is for sale, the original list price is used in this calculation to compare to the Final SOLD price - which is the final price - and does Not include subsidy! 
At 100% - Sellers got the price they listed the home for. Anything below that shows that they didn't get the originally listed price. So if you see 90% for a 500K originally listed price - it means the Sellers got 90% of $500K or $450K.

Avg "Days on Market" in Broadlands

What does Days on Market mean? 

Days on Market:  Calculation based upon the number of days a property is listed before receiving a contract. It is calculated based upon the property and accumulates between listings. It is the total number of days from the date when a property first comes on the market (list date) to the time is taken off the market due to a sale (contract date) or off market condition (off market date). 

Basically how long did it take to sell!

Months of Supply for Ashburn

What does Months of Supply Mean & why should I care?

Months of Supply (also known as "Months Supply of Inventory") tells you how many months it would take for all the current homes for sale on the market to sell, given the sales rate for that market.
 4 to 6 Months is generally considered a balanced market; less than 4 months a sellers' market as there are more buyers than homes available; more than 6 months can be considered a buyers' market as there are more homes for sale than buyers to purchase them.