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We take a different approach to home sales with our dedicated online, offline and social media marketing team. We believe, your home provides more than just a house to live in. It is the neighborhood, unique features of the home, location, schools, parks and specific lifestyle it offers  that attracts potential buyers to your home. We highlight these features in our videos and marketing materials. There is a lot you can't see from just pictures. In the minds of potential buyers, we paint the perfect picture of what their life will be like living in your property.

We start with YOUR Goals! 

Every Client and Every Situation is unique. We take pride in taking the time to understand HOW we can help our clients the best possible way to reach their goals.Some of these scenarios are outlined below:

  • Maximize the Value of Your Home Sale - Walk through checklist of suggestions, staging, updates/upgrades, ROI & more.
  • Home Sale and Purchase Coordination
  • Relocation & Coordination of homes sale and purchase with out of state agent/broker
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    Investor Sales
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    New Construction Home Sales & Marketing
  • International Home Sellers/Investors
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    Probate or Estate Sales - Ask us about our Step by Step guide
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    Distressed Home Owners - Avoid foreclosure and short sale negotiations
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    Need Fast Cash or Sale
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    Divorce Situation - We are certified Divorce Real Estate Agents

These are just some of the scenarios and there are multitude of other situations that offer a combination of these needs. Our goal is always to help our clients achieve their goals. Whether the owners are local or national/international, we have the "secure" communications and tools to coordinate and communicate effectively. We can walk through the property with our "Property Walk-Through Checklist", outline what is needed to sell the property, and how we can Maximize the value of the home with our strategic sales and marketing plan.  This is why it is important to understand our clients basic goals and needs so we can charter the best course of action to help you achieve your goals. We have the resources, connections, network of professionals as well as our dedication and passion to help our clients.
As always, our consultations are Free, Confidential and never any Pressure!  


Compare our services before you decide!

Spread the word about your listing BEFORE it goes on the market! We use bi-fold mailers or postcards to the target market, we reach out to Social Media channels for agents and potential clients as well as  list your home as coming soon on Zillow as we are Zillow Premier Agent.

Property websites allow us to track who is interested in your home. We track all traffic, marketing sources to see who is visiting your property, how long they spend on videos, pictures, 3D etc.  All above features are added to the site and then marketed to all media channels to Optimize & Maximize exposure.

We feature your home on TOP real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia,,, and This ensures you get MAX exposure on all top websites for the potential buyers. We also syndicate our listings to all of these websites: Syndication List

Pictures can only tell so much of the story. We don't create videos with the same pictures that are shown in the listing like most other do. Our custom videos are professionally created with Voice Over, Music and actually highlight the information about  your home that people may not notice from pictures. We also show area information and the lifestyle your home offers that make it stand out!

Everyone loves our 3D Model that offers not only a 24x7 open house concept where the potential buyers can walk through the home anytime in 360 view, but also an ability to see the floorplan, layout of the home - through a 3D model.  We add not only the floor plan and dollhouse views but also 360 Views of the outside so potential buyers can see the home in a unique way as well as views and outside 360.

The most critical part of your listing is what interested buyers see first! Photos have to showcase your home. We take professional, wide-angle photos to showcase your  home. We enhance those photos to ensure they are crisp, clear and show your home in the best possible way possible. Additional photos can be  added to the tours to ensure the potential buyers get more views since MLS limits to 30 pictures. 

Every home & owners needs are unique - this is why we create a custom approach for each of our clients. We'll provide a timeline for the sale of your home.

Staged homes sell for more & faster! Staging doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. It's a great way to help buyer's feel more at home.

Professional brochures are a great way to make sure interested buyers remember your property. These include photos, floor plans, and a detailed write-up.

We notify agents of our home listings and open houses ahead of time. These flyers help broadcast your listing and make open houses more successful.

Ready to BUY a home after you sell? Search for homes and see how we can get you in your dream home sooner than you thought!

We offer other services depending on the  home, situation, and other needs such as magazine ads, social media ads and more.


Hundreds of clients are glad they chose our company!


"I could not be happier with my agent Ayda and Tim Walsh and the result of my home sale. From our very first meeting, they were professional, knowledgeable, prepared and lovely to work with. My special requests were always met with full cooperation and understanding through their excellent help and guidance, I received an ideal offer from an all cash buyer within the first week of being listed for sale. The closing price on my unit was at a higher price per square foot than any other unit sold in my condominium. They were always accessible to me when needed day or night and I could not recommend them more to anyone in need of fantastic real estate agent who can successfully guide one through a super successful guide one through a super stress process. " 

- Debie, Skyline Square, GENERAL COUNCIL, People for the American Way Foundation


" I have known Tim and Ayda Walsh for several years and have witness the fact that they are of the highest integrity. They honestly share both the benefits and challenges of any property purchase. In addition to years of service in the local markets, and they are thoroughly knowledgeable about the buying and selling processes to help you avoid pitfalls. They also have developed high-level technology to keep both buyer and seller easily current on the status of any sales or purchasing efforts. They have the marketing tools to help sellers and they are backed by a world-renown company. If I were buying or selling a home in their market, I would choose them without hesitation and without looking for other realtors. Also, I value my own reputation greatly, and I would not recommend them, If I had any hesitation, knowing that my words reflect on me, as well as on them. You will be happy you chose them to serve you in finding a dream home and/or a great investment. "

- Nancy Wyatt


Each listing is unique and received some of all of the marketing services above.
please note: Some of the "services may have been disabled due to request from sellers"



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